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What is LDS Image? June 13, 2007

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There are quite a few clothing companies out there now that offer modest clothing. There are also lots of people out there with great and fun ideas of how to live life to it’s fullest. The new, non-profit, online magazine–LDS Image–helps bring all of this together with a special emphasis on Young Women.

LDS Image has more than 10 modest clothing companies advertising tops, bottoms, formal wear, swim suits, and accessories. You can either go directly to the companies to purchase or you can order through LDS Image. If you order through LDS Image, you can take advantage of a one rate flat shipping fee! That makes it worth it to me!

Then there are the articles. LDS Image, wants young women to be aware of their many opportunities and their great potential. We are truly children of divine parents and our destiny is eternal happiness and joy. There are so many ways we can take advantage of this life. There are articles about dating, health and fitness, summer fun, plant spotlights, conference talk summaries, National Park highlights, and interviews with young women, young men, and other women.

Whether you are the crafty type, the plant type, the outdoorsy type, or the very feminine type, there is something for you. And there are new articles every month!  If, by the off chance you can’t find your specific interest talked about, contact LDS Image and offer to write an article!

Everything on LDS Image is in agreement with the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so you never have to worry what is going to appear on the screen or what is included in the content of the articles.  LDS Image offers young women the opportunity to write and to model. What a great opportunity to explore a new interest or to build a resume for college and/or employment applications.

If you haven’t checked out LDS Image yet, please do.  Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the home page to stay up-to-date on changes to the site!  I love the mission of this ezine and I also love how convenient it is to find fashionable, fun, modest clothes and entertaining, educational information.


4 Responses to “What is LDS Image?”

  1. Aya Says:

    Another great thing about LDS IMAGE is the clothes are just for YW. In fact, they are made for adults, but also come in YW sizes. This gives us adults another place to find way cute, modest clothing for a reasonable price. One $5 shipping and handling fee for 10+ companies is unbeatable!

  2. savvychic Says:

    LDS Image has made a temporary change–while there are still great articles and fun things to do, the catalog has been put on hold. You can still buy stylish modest from the companies that were formally listed with LDS Image, you’ll just have to go to the companies individual websites. As I said, this is temporary and the catalog will be available at a future date. Keep checking the site for the other fun things though!

  3. savvychic Says:

    I was so sad to see that LDS Image has been taken down for the time being. On the other hand, I’m so glad the president of LDS Image has done what is best for her and her family. LDS Image is not gone forever, but will be back when the time is right.

  4. By way of introduction, my name is Liat Bensimon. In my quest to combine my desire to participate in athletic events and remain modest, I created a patent-pending Modest Exercise Skirt (i.e. EXERSKIRT). This skirt has “gym shorts” attached to it and allows for the full range of mobility, all while adhering to the laws of Modesty.

    I feel that my skirt would be perfect for the Modest Community. In the meantime, you can view more information on my website at

    Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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