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favorite cloth diapering sites June 30, 2007

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Cloth diaper info (these sites also sell diapers and covers):

Diaper Pin: Lots of cloth diaper info and reviews of diapers to help you decide what will work for you.

Born to Love: Tons of info on all aspects of natural parenting.

Punkin-Butt: Even more info and if you find something you like–you can buy it from this company.

Inexpensive cloth diapers:–great info and great prices

Kooshies –can be found in some Sear’s and Babys R Us

Prefolds (See the section on prefolds.)

Or, make your own! Can be the most inexpensive way to get cloth diapers, as long as you don’t go overboard on deluxe fabrics and attachments.

One size diapers:
Mother-Ease: Mother-ease also has other products. They also have a great introductory package if you think you will like their product.

Little Lambs

SunShine Diapers

Other Popular diapers:


Sugar Peas

Fuzzi Bunz

There are so many other types of diapers. Don’t be afraid to try somthing without a brand name! The information sites I have listed will show you lots of different diapers. Check out the diaper name on DiaperPin to see if there are comments about the diaper’s quality and the company’s customer service.


Note: You want to get DQS (Diaper Service Quality) diapers so that they will last a long time.

Integrity Diaper Company: They have some of the best prices on chinese and european prefolds. (This company also happens to be located in Norman, OK!–for those of you that live there.)

Ebay!!! Lots of great deals to be had.

Snappi (no diaper pins!!!):

Heiny King: Best price for the 3-pack and shipping. Check out their other offerings too.

Diaper Wraps:
A favorite is the Alexis Featherlite side snap cover. However, the Alexis company is not making these any more, so you have to find these on ebay.

I LOVE wool soakers. These covers are the most breathable. Super-easy make-your-own instructions can be found in the free diaper patterns section. Wool covers do require a bit more care though–hand washing and relanolizing. An inexpensive source of lanolin is your local natural health store. In Norman, OK, at Dobson’s, a 4oz bottle of lanolin oil is about $4.

Wool Soakers


Babies R Us has a decent diaper cover for a great price. 2 for $7

Diaper disposable liners:

Gerber EZ liners: You used to be able to find these at Babies R Us. These are great so that you don’t have to clean up as much poop! Especially wonderful to use when you are away from home. Also, if they just get wet, you can throw then in the wash with your diapers and reuse them. However, Gerber has discontinued producing this product. You may be able to find it on Ebay though.

Kooshies: these are nice because they are flushable, however, they are not as big as the Gerber liners and if they get wet, you still have to discard them.)

Diaper pail liners:
Bummi bags

Google search of “Diaper Pail Liners”

Make your own! Wazoodle has ProCare fabric which is great for making a diaper pail liner and then use the scraps for making ditty bags. You will also need cord for the drawstring and a cord lock.

Free (mostly) diaper patterns: (this site has instructions to make your own diapers, wool soakers, nursing pads, and other things) (This pattern isn’t free, but it is a good pattern–so I’ve been told)
Anther inexpensive diaper pattern is the better baby diaper pattern. It can be found at

Fabric sites: (A Canadian company. They have ProCare fabric which is great for making your own diaper pail liner and ditty bags.) (great prices on touch tape, patterns, elastic, and free fabric swatches)

Other hints:
*For a diaper pail, just get a trash can at Walmart with a foot pedal that lifts the lid–cost $8.
*Use terry washcloths for diaper wipes–Walmart has the 18 packs for $3.97. These also work well as diaper doublers when folded, or sewn, into thirds. You can also find baby washcloths 4 or 6 for $1 sometimes. These fit well inside of your existing disposable wipes containers.
*Cut fleece into 4″x12″ for diaper liners. The fleece wicks away moisture from the baby’s skin and keeps the skin dry.
*Never use fabric softener or bleach on your diapers. Bleach will wear the diapers out prematurely and creates the risk of hazardous fumes–bleach and ammonia (urine has the same chemical make-up as ammonia) are not good together. Fabric softener coats the fabric fibers and makes the fabric less absorbent. Use vinegar in the rinse cycle as a natural softener–I use a downy ball. It also neutralizes the pH of the diapers. Then hang the diapers in the sun to dry. The sun will bleach out any stains.
*You will need around 24 diapers to be on a 3-4 day wash cycle. Also, you’ll need 5-6 covers.
*Ebay could become your best friend. Unless you really know what you want, you may want to buy a used “lot” that has several different diaper types so that you can try them out.


Also, see my posts on other really useful baby tools: ring slings and moby wraps.


3 Responses to “favorite cloth diapering sites”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hey! I’m interested in finding more out about the BabiesRUs 2 for $7 diaper covers. I didn’t see them on their website. Do you know anything else about them? Do you know what the brand is?



  2. savvychic Says:

    I’m not sure of the name of the brand–I believe it is the store brand. I’ll have to check the next time I’m in BabiesRUs, but that was the price (in store) for their diaper covers. You may want to call the store and find out what they have before going there.

    Currently, I use wool diaper covers that I knit–they are wonderful! It is really easy to make wool diaper covers from old wool sweaters too. Wool is a great fabric for covers–increases air flow, doesn’t stink, about as natural as you can get . . .

  3. It s compact, comfy for mom and kiddo and has lots of space for packing weeks worth of diapers and goods in the pocket and under the kid s seat.

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