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Independence Day!!! July 4, 2007

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Corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, potato salad, apple pie, fireworks. . .these are a few of the things I love about this day. I also love that I live in a free nation. I’m free to think, say, do, worship, travel, and learn. I have a right to my own opinion and many opportunities to fulfill dreams. I am able to raise my children to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their own actions. What a great country we live in! I love the USA!!!

This past year has made these feeling more meaningful to me. Especially while living in Washington DC and tromping on the ground of my forefathers. Visiting the home of George Washington, Mount Vernon, and reading a biography of this great man, opened my eyes to how fragile this freedom is. Reading David McCullough’s Biography of John Adams taught me how hard this freedom was to obtain, and that it was only with divine guidance and much perseverance of dedicated individuals, that the United States of America actually came into existence.

Today, this freedom is still not free. Many brave men and women place their lives in harms way to maintain that which we deem our right. Many have gone before them and many will stand in that same perilous place in the future. I am so grateful for these brave souls and the families and friends that support them. I too offer my support and love and prayers.

John Adams penned the following words, “I must study politics and war so that my children may have the liberty to study mathematics, commerce and agriculture so that their children have the right to study painting, poetry, music and architecture.” How grateful I am that I could study anything I chose when I attended BYU.  I am able to use that knowledge everyday of my life.

I love this country. Happy Birthday USA!!! Thank you again, to all those who have served, who are serving, and who will serve this great nation in all the many capacities this country offers and requires. Happy Independence Day!



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  1. Aya Says:

    Great read.

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