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Ways to Increase Laughter in Your Home August 24, 2007

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Inspired by the Ensign article, “The Power of Laughter,” Sept 2007, p32.

We need to laugh more!  Laughing has so many benefits–phyically, mentally, spiritually, in every way.  It has been said that while children laugh on average 400 times every day, adults only laugh about 15 times.  So, find your inner child.  Play.  Don’t be so serious.  And LAUGH!


Here are some ideas to get you started:
*Pretend you’re the tickle monster and go on a tickle escapade–(be careful and do not over-push your parental boundaries though or the laughter will not be happy laughter!)

*With permission–tape record the tickling of a sibling (hehe) for a predetermined amount of time.  Beware: 5 minutes is a very long time!  Listen to the recording whenever you feel the need to be cheered! (hehehaha. . .The recording of my sister tickled by yours truly is a prized possession and will make anyone in my family laugh just thinking of about it!)

*Run out of toilet paper and humbly ask for help–always good for a snicker or two.

*Really play with your kids without worrying about anyone watching you.

*Stand in front of the mirror and make faces.

*In cahoots with someone else, face each other and have the following serious conversation:
Person A: This is a very solemn occasion.
Person B: Indeed it is.
A&B together: Ha. . .Ha. . .Ha
No one is allowed to smile, snicker, or even think a happy thought during this conversation.  Just try it!

*Have your little ones put on a magic show!  (My favorites are the disappearing tricks–“Now you see it! Just a minute while I leave the room. . . Now you don’t!)  Record it and show it again years later when it is plainly obvious to them how “magic” their tricks were.  It’s soooo cute!

*Have your child lay on the ground with their hands over their head.  Sing the following words to an upbeat tune of your own:

A tickle a day keeps the doctor away. 
A tickle a day keeps the doctor away. 
A tickle a day keeps the doctor away. 
A tickle, a tickle a day!

*Play chubby bunny: place a large marshmallow in your mouth and say “chubby bunny”.  Repeat until you can get nothing more than “Uuu-yy oo-yy”.  Of course, there is no swallowing or chewing of the marshmallows in between turns.  (Only play this with a child who is likely to be able to do this carefully–there is a choking hazard!)

*Play a Cranium game–one with play dough, charades, and wiggling.

*Play Twister.

*Read a funny children’s book.

*Listen to what your kids say–they say the funniest things! (I try to write these things down and then send them in a family newsletter.  It is the most popular part of the letter.)

*Make an indoor fort with the dining table, pillows, and blankets.  Act out the part of a princess in distress and let your kids rescue you from the broccoli eating dragon.

*Record your princess in distress and knight in shining armor act.  Watch it later.

*Create a maze on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.  Try to navigate it–hopping on one foot, or pretending to be a crab, or walking backwards and only able to look to one side. . .

*Draw pictures of each other.

*Make cartoons of the family.

*Read a joke book aloud.

*Have a water fight.

*Give your kids a camera and head outside for a funny photo shoot.  Bring props.

*Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

*Camp out in a kitchen table fort with popcorn, and a fun game.  Sing a few silly camp songs. Make s’mores in the microwave.  Tell funny stories.

*Look at a family photo album together

*Make a batch of popcorn and toss the kernel into the air one by one and try to catch the pieces in your mouth.  Or toss them into a partner’s mouth.

*Make cookies together, eat a few out of the oven and deliver some to friends–just cause.  (save a few to eat when you get home.)

*Blow bubbles.

*Pretend to trip–for some reason, that always gets the kids laughing.

*Play in the rain and splash in the puddles.

*Just laugh!  And enjoy being with each other!


For more to read, see this article on LDS Image!

If you’re still need of a good laugh, this is an absolutely hilarious post that is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Warning:  it is really funny! 


4 Responses to “Ways to Increase Laughter in Your Home”

  1. brightdays Says:

    Love this article. New to the site, and looking for good posts. Thanks for the ideas to share, and some of the images in my head! ha!

  2. savvychic Says:

    Last night, my youngest son actually told me that, despite how he doesn’t like being tickled, I needed to tickle him. He laid down, put up his arms, and told me to tickle as he tried not to smile! So, I obliged him and tickled away. We both got some good laughing in!

  3. savvychic Says:

    This post is featured on! How fun! 🙂

  4. Qtpies7 Says:

    I just had to add a couple of things! The game Quelf is similar to Cranium, so I’ve heard, and it is SO incredibly funny! I have several posts about our crazy Quelf games.
    I also have a great story for you to have a good laugh. It is number 13:

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