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The Superman Tales: The Deer Princess September 2, 2007

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The Deer Princess

Created by two adorable boys

Illustrated by the older son and his mom



 Once upon a time there was a wonderful world and a princess and animals.



There was an evil witch that cursed the princess and she became a deer. Even though she was very poor, she wasn’t lonely. She had all the animals around her.

A special dragonfly made her antlers his home. He only landed in antlers of deer that were poor and cursed. Butterflies also flew all around her head.



A huge tornado came, sent by the witch. It wasn’t just a tornado though. Eagles swarmed through the sky too.

They weren’t just eagles, they were amazingly strong eagles. There were 389,000 valiant eagles soaring, destroying the tornado and saving the land.



These eagles had another great quality–they were sent from Superman! Superman had a great car–the Magic School Bus!

One of the eagles looked different than the rest. Turns out, it was Superman’s magic bus!



The land where the deer princess lived was running out of food. A hummingbird came to the princess’s rescue and fed the deer and all the other animals.



The witch was intent on destroying the princess. She created a poisoned apple. In disguise, she gave the princess the apple. The princess deer fell into a deep sleep.



Superman came rushing through the sky. He used his special sleeping-waking powers and woke the princess up.

Another tornado appeared. But this wasn’t a bad tornado–it was Super Prince! Superman welcomed his friend Super Prince to the scene.  Using his supersonic curse-detecting vision, Superman saw that the deer was really a princess.



Superman told Super Prince and Super Prince offered to marry the deer princess. As they were married, Super Prince kissed the deer and the deer transformed back into a beautiful princess. The spell was broken!



After the wedding, Superman flew to the witch’s lair, and tied her up. He gave her a choice to be good or to be turned into something very small. She decided to be good.

The witch, Superman, Super Prince, and the princess all became friends and they lived happily ever after.

The End

© 2007 SavvyChic


6 Responses to “The Superman Tales: The Deer Princess”

  1. GGJ Says:

    This was the very best birthday present EVER! Thank you all so much. Christian … I LOVE the drawings and to each of you, I so dearly love the story and love you all even more! GGJ

  2. Aya Says:

    Cute ya’ll! How creative- ha ha

  3. Mark and Victoria Says:

    We think this is great story. You have blended the old with the new. There is a princess to be saved, danger looming, two super heroes, and a happy ending. You all have future in writing!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Wow! You have a very creative story teller in your family. That story made me smile!

  5. David Says:

    Hey. My name is David and I just wanted to let you all know that i like your work very much.

  6. David Says:

    Ok. I will say this was quite enjoyable to read. Plot was engaging, kept me interested throughout, however, I will say, character development needs work. Overall good tale just a little rough around the edges.

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