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Mothering with Spiritual Power: Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family September 13, 2007

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This is a new book coming out that I look forward to reading.  I worked with Debra Woods a year ago in assisting with a Time Out For Women event in Oklahoma City.  She is kind, warm-hearted, and inviting. . . not to mention talented.  Here is some information about the book.


Mothering with Spiritual Power
Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family

By Debra Woods
Published by Cedar Fort, Inc. September 2007


LDS Living magazine September/October 2007 issue Editor’s Pick!

Now available for order or pre-order at,,,, and

Available soon at, and LDS bookstores everywhere.

Book Description:
Mothering with Spiritual Power is an eloquent and heartfelt book that speaks to mothers of the sacred nature of motherhood and the awesome spiritual power available to them through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Using twenty-five favorite Book of Mormon scriptures as inspiration, Debra Woods shows mothers how they can find answers to a myriad of parenting questions and challenges as they raise their children in the latter days. Through stories and experiences taken from her own life, she offers simple suggestions for making meaningful connections with your children—suggestions on how to turn weaknesses into strengths, ideas on how to foster an atmosphere of peace and harmony, ways in which mothers can support each other, helps for the mother who must forgive her children and herself, and so much more.
Mothering with Spiritual Power is a celebration of motherhood, family life, and the difference the gospel of Jesus Christ can make for mothers and families everywhere.
Author Description: 
Debra Sansing Woods is a full-time mom and part-time freelance
writer. Her writings often focus on and celebrate home and family life. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including LDS Living, Meridian magazine, two Deseret Book anthologies (as a contributing author), The Dallas Morning News, The Athens Review, and others.
Debra graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA
in Accounting and went on to become a CPA and corporate controller. She also taught as a highly rated instructor of personal finance for the University of Texas Informal Classes. She currently lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Barry, and their five youngest children. Debra’s family also includes her husband’s three grown daughters.
Advance Praise
“Mothering with Spiritual Power is a remarkable look at some well loved Book of Mormon scriptures applied beautifully to remind us of the power of inspiration and prayer, and the reality of the Atonement in our mothering work. With a wise, honest voice, Sister Woods draws on her own mothering experiences to show how prayerful pondering of the scriptures can give us vision to see through worldly trials to eternal goals. In Mothering with Spiritual Power, Sister Woods insightfully describes a scripture-based parenting style and the powerful parenting truths and clarity available to us as we attempt to liken the scriptures unto us for our profit and learning.”
Clinical Psychologist and mother of three
 “To a mom’s sometimes rushed and chaotic world, Mothering with Spiritual Power comes as a light on a hill, placing us firmly on solid rock. Debra Woods delivers a deeply personal, eloquent message that is never preachy but rather manages to uplift, entertain, and empower.”
Writer and mother of three
 “Mothering with Spiritual Power is an insightful and sensitive resource for the moms in our lives, no matter what their level of experience in raising children. It will affirm and reinforce those who already know how to tap into the guidance of the Spirit as they raise their children. It will also be a mentor for those who are just discovering the power of the influence of the scriptures, coupled with the Spirit as a parenting guide. Readers will relate readily to Debra Woods’s real life experiences, which she skillfully illustrates in this book. Her warm and pleasant writing style makes it a powerful and pleasant guide for applying scriptural teachings to specific family needs. It will be a blessing to all mothers in their sacred work of rearing children.”
—DAVID J. RIDGES, author of the Gospel Study Series
“Motherhood, what an amazing journey! After eight years of married childlessness, I will finally get my chance at motherhood this May. I read Mothering with Spiritual Power and felt uplifted, encouraged, and comforted about the challenges I will soon be facing. I feel women at any stage in life can benefit from the insights shared by this talented new author.”
Author of I Chose You and
101 Creative Dates for Latter-day Saints
“The scriptures this book uses are ones most of us are probably very familiar with, yet Debra is able to give them such a fresh, unique-to-moms perspective. It’s reassuring to see how ancient scripture can be applied to modern parenting problems, and to be reminded that as different as our unique parenting challenges are, we also have much in common—including the greatest parenting advice book available: the Book of Mormon.”
Editor for LDS Living magazine and mother of two
“Debra Woods has gleaned much from her careful reading of the Book of Mormon. With unique mothering perspective, she makes a single verse come alive in a very personal way. Her inspiring insights are powerful reminders of the importance of finding joy in motherhood and the crucial role of mothers in raising responsible children.”
Author of Nobody’s Better Than You, Mom! and
W.O.R.K: Wonderful Opportunities for Raising Responsible Kids
“Debra Sansing Woods uses an eloquent, articulate, and personal style to tie the Book of Mormon to the sacred role of motherhood. This book will lift the spirits and confidence of any mother. I highly recommend this book.”
Author of 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them


2 Responses to “Mothering with Spiritual Power: Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family”

  1. Busy mom Says:

    Yes, this IS a wonderful book. Every mother should read it! It is also a perfect gift book.

  2. janis Says:

    ooooo i will have to get this book!

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