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How To Use A Moby Wrap September 17, 2007

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I’m trying out a new way to wear my kids!  Well, other kids at the moment, but I will wear my new baby in this when he/she is born early next year.  I like how the weight of the child is distributed over both shoulders, the lower back and hips.  I wore my 34 pound, almost four year old for quite a while and did not feel tired!  It’s cute too.

The moby lets you wear your child tummy-to-tummy, facing out, or on your back.  It takes a little practicing and getting used to, but I think this wrap will be a favorite for me.  (Though I know my padded ring sling will also share a prominent place on the most used baby items list.  It is just so convenient!)  While the ring sling is easy to slip on and off, I have heard that if you tie the moby on in the morning, you can just wear it all day and take the baby in and out of it as needed.

I prefer the woven fabric, it doesn’t stretch out and it keeps the child right were I put them initially.

Unfolding the wrap and holding the 5-6 yards of fabric can be intimidating!  However, within 4 easy steps (and an optional fifth), you will have the moby on and functional.

1-hold-in-center.jpgStep 1: Hold the center in front and wrap around your waist.

2-cross-the-wrap-in-back.jpgStep 2: Cross the ties in back and over your shoulders.

3-cross-again-and-tuck-under-center.jpgStep 3: Tuck the ties under the center panel and cross again around your waist.

4-tie-in-back.jpgStep 4: Tie in back.

Step 5: (optional and not pictured) If you have enough fabric left–this may be the case with a 6 yard wrap–instead of tying in the back, wrap the ties around your back to the front again and tie in front.

Once you have mastered tying the wrap, you need to practice wearing your baby.  Really, the first few times may seem totally awkward, but it gets easier.  And as the child gets older and more used to it, he/she can help by putting their feet in the right places.

When wearing your child, you will be right next to each other–no wrap fabric separating you.  The crossing tie fabric supports the legs while the center panel holds the child close and supports the child’s back and neck.

The wrap can be used from newborn until around 35 pounds or so.  Actually, you can use the wrap as long as you want, as long as you and your child are comfortable.

front cuddle carry The cuddle carry!

front out carry The front out-facing carry!

piggy back The piggy back carry!

(Nadia and Ravi, you’re great models!  Thanks!)

Cautions and warnings:

Be sure to inspect the wrap for holes or fraying before wearing.  Do not use the wrap if there are holes or frays!

Do not wear your baby when using sharp object (knives, knitting needles, etc) or when cooking!

The wrap should not be used as a car seat, infant bike carrier, etc!

Do not wear the wrap when playing sports!

Use common sense and be safe, for your sake and the child’s.

Make your own wrap:

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6 Responses to “How To Use A Moby Wrap”

  1. Sharon Says:

    That’s totally cool Tamee! I will have to keep it in mind for my next little one. I saw someone with one of these once and wondered how it worked.

  2. Carrie Hill Says:

    To see picures and demonstrations on how to exercise and do Yoga in the Moby Wrap, with renowned Master Yogi Anna Getty go their website

    The site has wonderful colors, styles and even a super soft organic cotton wrap.

    I love my Moby-I still use it with my 33 lb. 2 year old!

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  4. knittingnoob Says:

    what a nice tutorial! Ive used other wraps and slings for my older two, but with my daughter my mom got me a moby. Its absolutely the best. easy to nurse in and it calms my newborn down almost immediately.

  5. Very useful blog posting. It is really nice to see demonstration through photographs. It makes things more easy. Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions.


  6. […] See my post on how to use a moby! […]

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