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My favorite pregnancy information sites and newletters October 1, 2007

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There is a ton if info on the web. You will probably get a pregnancy information pack from your doctor or midwife too. You may also have a book or two related to pregnancy. I like receiving email newsletters in my inbox. I like these newsletters because the information comes to me (I don’t have to go looking for it) and has individualized updates based on my due date. With my life already filled with two active boys, these newsletter give me a moment to focus on the developing child within.

My favorite pregnancy newsletters and information sites are:

Savvy Chic–okay, so this isn’t a major pregnancy information site, but it is growing and the information this site has is really good! There isn’t a newsletter, but you can RSS feed it to see when I update the site. 🙂

Pregnancy Weekly

Nestles–Very Best Baby

Similac–Welcome Addition Club

Enfamil–Family Beginnings

The last three sites listed are formula websites. I like the formula newsletters, even though I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mom. They are full of great, current, easy to read information. They have week-by-week or monthly baby pictures, tips, and they’re absolutely free. If you like one more than another and find receiving several newsletters about the same topic obnoxious, just unsubscribe from the ones you don’t want.

I also sign up for the formula clubs. (Nestle, Similac, Enfamil) I love all the freebies they send–memento pages, a baby book, formula coupons, and diaper bags. Although I don’t usually use the formula, I find formula convenient to have on hand in case I have a time I really do need it–in my 72 hour kits, an unexpected meeting and no time to pump, when babysitting someone else’s formula-fed baby and they forgot to bring formula, etc. . . I also know women who planned to breastfeed and learned they couldn’t for one reason or another. Those coupons really came in handy then. Formula is SO expensive.

If you are blessed to not need the formula samples, you can donate them to your local food shelter or give them to another mother who will use them. Just check to make sure none of the samples have expired before giving them away.

Each of the clubs offer a diaper bag from the hospital. Not all the companies send the bags to every hospital though. You may want to call ahead to find out. Do not feel greedy if you are able to take home a diaper bag from each company–they aren’t made of extremely high quality materials and one bag won’t last you the three years till your child is potty trained. Also, I use the bags when we travel to hold diapers, clothes, toys, etc.

What are your favorite sites? Please leave your comments.

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