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Jessie Clark Funk’s New CD December 30, 2007

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Have you heard Jessie’s songs?  She has such a sweet, sincere, inspiring voice!  And I’m not just biased because she is my cousin.  🙂  I have grown up listening to her at family reunions and have always been so impressed, not only by her talent, but by her kindness and love of her family.

I was not at all surprised when her first CD, “Clay in His Hands,” came out and did so well.  Her next CD, “Better than I” won eight FCMA Pearl Awards.  She just released her third album, “Everything Speaks His Name.”   It is really beautiful.  Check it out for yourself at her website:

Her website has a lot more information.  There are sound-clips and links to order her CD’s.

Jessie’s spirit shines through in her songs.  I believe it is because she lives what she professes.  Listen for yourself.

Way to go Jessie!


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  1. Victoria Says:

    Did I tell you we have a non-blog?? I am not ablogger hence it is a non-blog!

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