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Funny pregnancy moment January 22, 2008

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Church on Sunday made for a humorous situation. During the opening song of Relief Society, I started having a contraction. I tried to sing through it until I couldn’t get the words out. So I just concentrated on breathing and trying to work through the contraction–it was a really hard one. The presidency apparently took notice of this. The RS President came over to me after the song and prayer to see if I was okay. The contraction was pretty much over and I assured her that I was going to be fine.

Immediately afterwards, I had a hormone surge and another contraction and so I was breathing hard again. The presidency was watching me very closely and I realized other women were also taking notice. Well, hormones, pregnancy, attention, and me don’t go well together. I discreetly (well, as discreetly as an eight month pregnant person who already has half the room’s attention can) left the room and headed towards the bathroom. I made it just in time before the tears came. I wasn’t crying because of being embarrassed–it was mostly hormones and a result of the contraction pain. Soon, I had a little audience in the bathroom! Everyone was concerned about the pregnant woman in the bathroom having contractions. It was pretty funny as I tried to assure them that this was “normal” for me (my contractions start at 4 months and many are labor-quality hard ones), that I was really going to be just fine, and that the baby was, most likely, not about to be born though I could not be absolutely certain that I was in “true” labor until the baby was delivered.

I spent the rest of the church walking the halls as I waited for my husband and my boys to finish with their classes. Then we headed home. As expected, the contractions did calm down and I’m still very pregnant. However, I do have the attention of many people at church! I also have sincere offers of assistance, even at 2am! Now, if only I could know when he was really going to come. . .


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