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tie dye pancakes March 24, 2008

Filed under: children,crafts,creative parenting,kids — savvychic @ 4:09 pm

I made some “really cool pancakes” (according to my kids) for Easter. I made the pancake batter and then dropped in food coloring-a couple drops each color at different parts of the bowl. (You might want to use more coloring to get a more dramatic effect. ) Then I barely stirred it and all the colors swirled around each other without blending. The effect was multicolored pancakes that were “really awesome.”

Note: Do NOT stir the batter very much after you add the dye. Otherwise you will end up with unappetizing gray batter.

(FYI: Much of the “cool” factor is diminished after the pancakes are cooked because of the browning–so make sure your kids are there when you pour the batter onto the skillet.)

tie dyed pancakes

One Response to “tie dye pancakes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    that is soo cool gonna tri tht!!

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