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summer school links June 2, 2008

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Here are a list of links that I’ll be pulling from for home summer school for my kids.  I want to keep their minds engaged throughout the summer.  There is a mix of things–from FHE lessons that can be used as “values” lessons to cool web videos about money and bees.  Of course, we will be spending most of our time outdoors, or reading books from the library, or building forts out of tables and sheets.  But, these websites help with the creativity and add to the experience!   (termites, bees, and a puzzle) (This is a collection of videos that show beekeeping–however, I haven’t previewed them yet) (This is a page with links that could make for some interesting lessons) (a collection of kid friendly peanut butter recipes for our cooking classes) (for making a child ID card–child safety),4945,31-1-15-1,00.html (a huge list of family fun activity and education links) (camping out is one of our themes this summer) (little critter paper dolls) (My Fair Lady paper dolls) (a great preschool craft site) (travel games) (lots of gardening info and activities) (free guitar lessons) (Ham radio sites) (free audio stories) (preschool–learn to read) (awesome math site for elementary grades) (this is a great kids heritage paper craft page)

I hope you find something here that helps you with your summer plans.  Send me links you find fun and helpful!


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  1. savvychic Says:

    Some more websites are
    (Regal Entertainment offers free movies in select cities during the summer–check this site to see if your city is one of the lucky ones.) This is currently one of my favorite–Haagen-Dazs has interactive info on the plight of the honeybee as well as a fun “create a bee” to send with an ecard. The music with the card is so cute–just try to not dance! Love it!

    Also, in case you didn’t know, Lowe’s and Home Depot have free kid clinics where they have wood craft kits that the kids get to build. My kids love going to them. Home Depot’s is the first Saturday of the month and Lowe’s has theirs the second and fourth Saturday’s. The age recommendations are variable–my four year old does really well even though they recommend 5+. You don’t need to reserve a spot (though Home Depot would prefer that you did), just go and have fun.

    One more: . My boys are liking this site. They like legos and this is fun for them too. They also are able to get a free subscription to a Legos magazine. They’re loving it!

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