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How To Make Your Own Moby Wrap April 29, 2012

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front cuddle carry

Moby wraps are easy to make.  And, if you make your own, you get the added benefit of choosing the fabric yourself and letting your personality shine through! You have to decide whether you want knit (stretchy) or woven (not stretchy) fabric first.

Acquire 5-6 yards of fabric, depending on your size. 5 yards will work for up to a size 12 or 14.  6 yards for sizes 14-16 +.  Cut the fabric to 20 inches wide the full 5-6 yards.  Finish the edges with a 1/4″ seam.  That’s it.

If you want something a little more fun, use one yard of coordinating fabric for the front panel, and 2-2 1/2 yards of fabric on either side for the ties.  Please use a french seam to join the fabrics for added strength.  I sew the french seam down  as well to prevent little toes from getting stuck too.  (French seam tutorial can be found at:

You should have plenty of fabric left to make another moby to keep in your car, 72 hour kit, use as a baby shower gift, or to give it to another mom.

See my post on how to use a moby!

Cautions and warnings:

Be sure to inspect the wrap for holes or fraying each time before wearing.  Do not use the wrap if there are holes or frays.

Do not wear your baby when using sharp object (knives, knitting needles, etc), when cooking, or when engaging in sports.

The wrap should not be used as a car seat, infant bike carrier, etc.

Use common sense and be safe, for your sake and your child’s. 

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Zenni Optical: glasses for less than $15–shipping included! November 12, 2011

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In case you hadn’t heard, you don’t have to pay hundreds for your next pair of glasses.  Check out Zenni Optical at I don’t know how they make the glasses for so little, but I am sure grateful!  Complete glasses start at $6.95 (as of Nov 2011).  “Complete” means: frames, 1.57 lenses (these are really thin), UV protection, lens scratch protection, a hard case, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.  For an additional $5, you can add an anti-reflection lens coating or a tint, making prescription sunglasses!!!  They can also do bifocals.

Another nice feature on the website is the ability to upload a picture of yourself so you can virtually “try on” different pairs. Pay attention to the frame width, though.  It isn’t easy to see if the glasses will fit just right.  I made sure I purchased glasses with similar measurements to what I had before.  Typically there is a flat $4.95 shipping charge for your entire order.  Right now Zenni is offering free shipping on purchases over $50.

All the information you need to order glasses is on your prescription, except your PD (Pupillary Distance).  Zunni’s website has a tutorial on how to find your PD, or you can get that information from glasses fitting at your doctor’s.

One additional piece of advice, I would not necessarily recommend purchasing glasses from Zenni for your child’s first pair of glasses–in case there is anything wrong, your child may not know the difference and you wouldn’t have the convenience of getting advice from the doctor.  Also, Zenni doesn’t presently do lenses with prisms.

My experience has been that these are high (enough) quality glasses!  Better quality than the inexpensive glasses I purchased from the doctor.  My first pair from Zenni had the wrong prescription though, so mistakes do happen.  Since then, I have not had a problem getting my glasses just right.–Loan Tool To Compare Your Rate September 18, 2008

I just learned of a new website ( that will help homeowners and prospective home buyers.  It allows those who are looking for a new loan or a purchase loan to compare either their current rate or the rate they have been quoted by others to people in their area.

There is a very short survey (about 30 seconds long) for people who have recently gotten a home loan, or have recently looked into it and have been given a quote for one.  If that description fits you–you should take the survey! (This is a new website, so getting this information will help the site to be an even better tool.)

The site doesn’t require any confidential information, no addresses, or personal information required at all. The only required information someone would need to know is:

* Approximate credit score (or you can assume it is the highest available)
* The approximate value of the property
* The desired loan amount
* The rate quoted
* The APR quoted (annual percentage rate will typically be higher than the actual interest rate)
* The fixed term of the loan – most loans today are 30 year fixed but some are adjustable rate loans

P.S.  This is a perfect tool for those of us who are always wondering if we are getting a good deal.  This helps us to make sure we are getting the best rate possible.  Also, this site is in both English and Spanish! (In the top right hand corner it says, “Translate to: Espanol.”)

Check it out!


Teach Me Mommy Preschool curriculum book September 8, 2008

A few years ago, when my first child was three, I started thinking about preschool. As a stay-at-home mom with a graduate student husband, a commercial preschool was out of the question. Besides, I wasn’t ready to send my little one away from home for the day. Some friends were starting one of the paid curriculum programs and I thought about it until I saw how much it was and realized that I could easily do that myself without the cost. However, it would have been time consuming to gather all the materials and to create all the lesson plans.

Fortunately, I came across a great book called Teach Me Mommy. It was put together by a mom for moms who wanted to teach their little ones. The lessons plans are simple to follow, the supplies needed are things you would have around the house anyway, and there is no need to pay monthly fees–just buy the book and use it for all your kids! There is minimal preparation for the lessons plans since everything is laid out in the book. I also use the lesson topics as ideas for lesson plans of my own.

A friend and I both bought the book and created our own preschool. First we went through the book and marked which lessons we would teach and who would teach them. We met two times a week and took field trips too. Our kids loved the interaction with each other and the special time with their moms.

One very memorable field trip we went to a dairy farm while learning about farm animals. We actually milked some cows, drank fresh milk, and watched the whole process of cow-to-milk pumps-to-pasteurization tank-to-collection in the big milk truck that took it to the factory. The farmers gave us some dairy memorabilia and we were off with a memory that we still laugh about.

I’m now starting preschool with my second child and excited to have this book with everything ready to go. I noticed that there are new resources on the Teach Me Mommy website and a new blog with ideas of activities to do with your child.

Check it out. I think you will like what you see.


Unique baby gift

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Looking for a unique baby gift to give a friend? Want something fun for your scrapbook? How about a letter from the President of the United States of America welcoming your new baby!

This is for real! I received a letter after my second baby and just requested a letter for my third. The only requirements are that you make the congratulatory request AFTER the baby is born and that the baby was born in the past 12 months. (There may be more rules, but these are probably the only ones you need to be aware of.)

To receive a congratulatory letter from the President for your baby, you will need to submit the following information:

1.Name and home address of baby
2.Baby’s birth date
3.Your name, daytime phone number, and your email address

Just go to this website:

*Let your husband know that you’ll be receiving a letter from the White House so he doesn’t get overly excited and rip open the letter in a non-scrapbook-friendly way.

*It takes about 6 weeks to get the letter after you have requested it.

*You can only submit one request per day, so don’t go too crazy!


great DIY videos and information March 24, 2008

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I just found a great website for do it yourself information. Though there is a ton of written info on the web, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a whole lot more than that.

It’s called It’s the worlds largest how-to video site.
This site had tons of info on tons of subjects. I just learned how to fix the flapper on our leaking toilet and how to flush the radiator for my vehicle. (I’ll have to let you know how the repairs go. . .)

I noticed there were subjects such as How to Bake a Traditional Challah Bread, Introduction to Bass Guitar Basics, Eyebrow Waxing: Hair Removal Tips for Home Spa Treatment, How to Raise Baby Chicks, How to Plan A Dinner Party, and Ankle Dribble Technique: Beginning Soccer Drill. That’s quite a range of topics. There must be at least one that would interest you. So check it out!


Baby Slings: how to use one and why you should have one August 6, 2007

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The following is the information I give with the ring slings I make and sell.  I like the ring slings with lightly padded side rails and shoulder pad the best because of their versatility. (Just a note about how versitile and useful these slings are, I even made one for a cat and her owner!)  However, I also use hip slings, moby wraps, and maya slings depending on the situation I am in. I have used slings with both my children from newborn until about 35 pounds (which means I still use a sling with my 3 year old) and I have my slings ready to go for the upcoming new baby.

I believe a sling is worth it’s weight in gold!  It is the baby tool you will probably use most often and for the longest stretch of time.  So, for the money you invest in a sling, it may be the most frugal purchase you make for your baby.

About Your Sling

This versatile carrier enables you to keep baby close while giving you the freedom of both hands.  Wearing your baby soothes fussiness, promotes bonding, and is very comfortable for both of you.Unlike a front carrier, a baby sling distributes the baby’s weight across your shoulder and hip.  It does not stress your lower back.  Using the different positions, you may wear your baby using your sling from newborn till 35 pounds. Other comfort features include padded side rails, a shoulder pad, and one-hand adjustment. The sling is easy to put on and take off even when the baby has fallen asleep.  It is also compact enough to store in a diaper bag. 

How to use

There are at least five positions you may use to carry your child.  First slip the sling over your head and onto one of your shoulders.  The shoulder pad should fit right over your shoulder with the rings in your front.  The baby should rest in the sling at your waist or above.  Adjust the sling by holding your baby where you want her to ride while pulling down on the tail.  Important safety note:  Always keep some of the sling fabric between your baby’s body and your own. 


Cradle carry Your infant will lie cradled in the sling with her head on the same side as the rings.  Hold your baby in one arm while opening the hammock with the other hand.  Lay your baby in the sling with her head close to the rings. This hold is useful for newborns and when breastfeeding.  When breastfeeding, you may cover your baby’s head with the sling fabric for privacy.


cross-craddle Similar to the Cradle hold, your baby’s head lies on the opposite side of the rings.  This is also a common position for breastfeeding or sleeping babies. 


snuggle This position holds your baby upright and facing you.  This is a common hold for sleeping babies.  The upper rail will support your baby’s head against your body.  To decrease slack in the upper rail for more support, pull the fabric that corresponds to the upper rail through the rings.  This is called bubbling.  (Note: This is different than simply pulling down on the tail to adjust.) Variations: leave your baby’s feet inside the sling or let your baby’s feet ride outside of the lower rail.


kangaroo carry Once your baby has good head and neck control, this may become your favorite position.  Hold your baby facing forward with one arm while opening the hammock with your other hand.  Gently slide your baby, bottom first, into the sling so that the baby’s back is against your chest.  Your baby may cross her legs Indian-style or hold her knees up to her chest. Reminder: Be sure there is sling fabric between your body and the baby’s. 

 Hip Carry

hip carry This is a great position for toddlers.  Just place your child on your hip and wear the sling around the baby’s back and bottom.  Your child’s legs will hang out of the sling.Variations: Place your arm behind your child so she is mostly on your front, or move your arm to your front and your child will ride more on your back.  However, do not wear your child completely on your back.  With the shoulder pad, there is too much slack and your child will not be secure. 

Sling Removal with Sleeping Baby

Babies often fall asleep in the sling.  Next to your body, your baby will feel so safe, warm and secure. This, combined with your movements, may lull her to sleep.  If you want to set your child down, bend over carefully until your baby is lying down on the surface, slide yourself out of the sling, and leave your baby fast asleep.  You may undo the sling if you like, or use the sling as a blanket.

Sling Care

Caring for your sling is simple: machine wash cool on the gentle cycle and line dry.

Safety and Warnings

Your baby sling is safe and secure when used properly.  Please read the following cautionary statements and follow the instructions. Failure to do so could result in serious injury to your child.

• Be aware that your sling has no straps holding your baby in. Your baby CAN climb out. Do not use the sling with an uncooperative child.

• Until you are very comfortable using the sling, always keep one hand on your child for safety.

• Always hold onto your child when bending over or moving quickly, you do not want your child falling out of the sling.

• Be careful going through doorways and around corners, or moving around anything sharp or hot. Your child’s head or limbs may extend beyond your body. 

 • Never cook while wearing your baby in the sling.

• Your sling is not to be used while participating in sports.

• Your sling IS NOT A CAR SEAT or bike seat. It is only to be used to carry your child.

• Do not put anything but your child in the sling.

• Always be aware of the rings as you take off or put on a sling when your baby is in it. The rings are created to hold a lot of weight and could hurt your baby if they were to hit her.

• Before each use, make sure that the fabric and seams are in good condition. If there are areas that look worn or frayed do not use it.